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About Us

The Real Wedding talk is the ultimate wedding concierge for anyone who is enthusiastic about wedding planning. It provides many platforms for wedding planning inspirations and related information. The communities it has is the most unique asset of it. Communities provide help for wedding planning by giving you many supports including recommendations form real brides, professional help and consultation, Inspiration, and forums to clear out any doubt you have.

Wedding service providers can use our communities as a platform to showcase their businesses and use it as a marketplace to meet potential customers. Collaborate with The Real Wedding Talk on our exciting events, and get featured on our platforms.

We constantly introduce new innovative ways for service providers to build stronger relationship with couples to be wed, including unique giveaways, offers and giveaways.

So come join us on our newsletter, follow us on social media, get the use of this wonderful platform and also stay tuned for many exciting new add-ons.

About Yasasi Rajapakse

Yasasi found The Real Wedding Talk back in 2016. She handles most of the operations in every platform. She is a UX designer by profession and wedding is one of her biggest passions. When she was planning her own wedding in 2015 she faced many difficulties due to lack of access to information about wedding service providers and related information. So she decided to build something to help brides-to-be in the future and that is how The Real Wedding Talk was born.

She use her own experience and her research to help couples to be wed and service providers to get the best out of the group.

She is the current admin of “The Real Wedding Talk” You can reach her through

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Our community is all about wedding planning, not just planning... Planning with ease and simplicity. Couples that are planning their wedding and also wedding service providers can benefit from this community.

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