Photo Location Ideas (Colombo) – Part 2

Photo Location Ideas (Colombo) – Part 2

Hello Again, We talked about 5 magical places to have your perfect wedding shoot in the previous article, but the list doesn’t end there. Perfect places for your wedding shoot can be found even in the busiest parts of busy Colombo. Colombo-Fort also known as ‘Pettah’ is full of surprises when it comes to location hunting. It may look like busy, dusty very unpleasant and not easy to be in romantic mood what so ever but once you find the perfect spot.. it would come just naturally. So Let’s find out! 

Dutch Hospital Colombo – Fort

Built as a hospital by the Dutch, it has been used for several different purposes, over the years. It is believed to have existed since 1681, now it serves as a shopping precinct . The building reflects seventeenth-century Dutch colonial architecture. Its’ thick walls and long vintage windows will help you to travel back in the time with your photoshoot. Carefully done modifications will however keep the perfect harmony of vintage and modern, which makes it is a perfect location for a dreamy photoshoot. 


Galle Face

Even though this is a very public place, it sure provide some extra ordinary shots for those who seek a place with a great scenery. This place provide variety of sceneries too. You can get garden green on the Green area, and city shots with the backgrounds, street busy environment around the food stalls also the beach right at the same location.


Cargills Building Colombo

Cargills bulding goes back into the colonial dutch era. Amazing architecture of it makes a great background for your romantic photos. This is a public place too in fact it is right beside the busy road, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have private photogenic moments beside it.


Red Mosque Main Street – Pettah

Main street-Pettah is the busiest street in busy Colombo, but that hasn’t stop it from having beautiful locations. “Red mosque” is more than a land mark for the Colombo city, it is one of the most photogenic buildings too. its’ unique architecture creates a unique and artistic look and it is capable of turning your photos surreal.


Lighthouse Colombo

Colombo is magical when it comes to variety of places. Light house proves it more. Situated in the tip of Colombo City, Light house carries a sailor spirit with it. With a clear blue sky, its’ black and white skin contrasts making every angle looks magical.


That concludes most beautiful public photo locations of Colombo Fort. See you again with another set of pretty places to have your dreamy wedding shoot right there in Colombo. 

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