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Brides!! Check these items in your honeymoon bag

Your honeymoon is a wonderful experience for you, it is the first few days you spend with your spouse. Every couple dream it to be as perfect as it can be. A honeymoon trip should be relaxing and romantic, just not only because it’s the first vacation you are going out as a couple but also it is a vacation comes after a very hectic period of wedding planning. This ‘getaway’ time will help you to calm yourself down from the wedding excitement. It is a good choice to plan everything ahead to make it a more enjoyable and relaxed journey. Therefore planning the honeymoon trip can not be put aside while planning the wedding. It should be planned simultaneously with the rest of the planning for the wedding, despite the honeymoon trip coming after everything else at a wedding. This is because of two reasons, firstly there might no time to decide things when the wedding is closer, secondly keeping things for the last moment will only add on to the wedding planning stress. So to keep your wedding planning and your honeymoon trip relaxed plan it ahead of time.

Apart from deciding what destinations you want to visit, the duration of this trip and the budget, you should decide what are the things that you should take with you. Taking too many things will messy and cumbersome while taking too little will also make you uncomfortable. 

Deciding what should go in your bag (apart from the most important common items), is easier when you have your full itinerary with you including hotels that you are going to stay and the mode of transportation. 

In this article, we will discuss what are the important items you should carry in the brides (Mrs) honeymoon bag.

It is easier to have two main bags for this

The hand bag

The luggage

These bags should be packed and ready to go prior to her leaving to get dressed for the wedding day.
Luggage should only have items that are going to be used only after reaching the honeymoon destination, while the handbag should have things that she needs frequently.

TIP : Eventhough there is no rule as such how early these bags should be ready and packed, good timing will save you from over-packing. Best way to manage this is to make a list first. Store and keep these items separately and start packing one or two nights before the wedding. It is good if the bride can assign some friend or family to take the responsibility transport the bags when she need it and even help her to pack it. However arranging and deciding what should go in the bag is completely up to the bride.

If you are familiar with smartphone apps you can use them to list down what you need as they have features to do the listing easier.

Tip: Tick your list off while you are packing the items not when you are buying them. This will prevent forgetting things.

A famous app that would work for this process is Google keep. It allows collaborative lists you can share your list with someone else too.

Following list of items are only common things every bride would need despite their destination, duration or the budget. Make sure to add other items you need to complete your bag.


NIC (National Identity Card) , Driving License, Hotel Reservation documents.If you are traveling abroad make sure to check all the necessary documents.

Tip : Keep a Photocopy of the documents you need, separately in case of emergencies.

Tip : Keep a written list of emergency phone numbers including your close relatives and friends. This will help you to call them even when your mobile phone book is not with you.

New clothes

Even though there isn’t any rule that says you should only pack new clothes for your honeymoon trip, it is better to have under garments, lingering and few special new dresses to make the trip even memorable. 


Any prescribed medicine that you are taking

Tip : Keep a photo of your prescription in your phone in case you have to buy them again.


  • Shampoo/Conditioner (if needed)
  • Face wash
  • Sanitary pads
  • Makeup remover
  • Tooth brush
  • Mouth wash or tooth paste
  • Lip balm
  • Body lotion
  • Shower gel/ Body wash
  • A shower puff
  • Nail Clipper / Nail File
  • Nail polish remover
  • Body hair removal products
  • Sunscreen

A Scarf

A scarf is helpful in many ways, to cover your body when needed from cold, heat, dust even from sun. It will also be useful for wrapping things and carrying things. An elegant scarf is style booster too, you can multitask it to create more fashion with less number of clothing.

An Umbrella

In shine or rain an umbrella is useful, plus it would make your photos classy too if you take a fancy umbrella.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are very versatile. You can use them to clean your make up, quick clean up in any part of your body. Did you know there are separate wet wipes to clean your lady parts to keep the area fresh and clean. Throw some of those in the bag too.

A Camera

You are here to make memories, don’t forget your camera to preserve them forever. 

Extra Bedding (sheets)

These can be useful if you are going up country where the climate is cooler. Even though most hotels provide their own beddings it would be smart to have your own according to your preferences.

First Aid

Having some paracetamol, a pain killer, something for muscle pain, some plasters,Diarrhea medicine,Motion sickness medicine in the bag would be a smart choice. Always consult your doctor before you take any medicine.


If you are not expecting to have a baby right after the wedding it is a good idea to use some sort of protection during the honeymoon. You can consult your family doctor and get the knowledge of what birth control method suits you the best.


For some ladies first sexual intercourse could be difficult, there are lubricants available in the market to make it easier. Ask your pharmacist or your doctor for more details on this.

Comfortable foot wear

This also depends on your destination, if it is beach side you will need flip flops, if it is cooler climate at the mountain region you would need trainers (sneakers), it is good to have comfortable foot wear apart from fancy foot wear you would take with you.

Hair clips

Hair should be taken care of by paying extra attention, so it is better to have hair accessories of your choice keep it safe and comfortable.


When it comes to hair, a dryer can help you in many situations. Even though some hotels provide hair dryers some don’t , check with your hotel for information before deciding whether or not you want to pack one .


You will need more than one comb, wide tooth comb and the brush is essential.

A torch

Even though this sounds strange having a electric torch can be really useful in an emergency situation.


Most hotels provide towels but always carry a small towel with you in case of emergencies. Having a larger towel to cover you and a smaller one to use frequently is a smart choice.

Plastic bags

Pack 5-10 plastic bags of different sizes. These will help you to carry dirty laundry, wet clothing, shoes, etc..

A pair of scissors

You will have new cloth tags, knots, new packaging to cut , it’s handy to keep a pair of scissors with you.

Paper tissues

Paper tissues can help you clean some of the messes. Paper tissues will also will help you to wrap things temporary such as small jewellery or trash.

A multi plug/ Electrical converter / adapter

Millennials carry more electronic devices than clothes sometimes. One of two wall socket is never enough to charge them all. You will need a multi-plug to plug them all when they are hungry for power. 

Some Snacks, some books and a deck of cards

Just like any other trip, there will be some parts of it that you just want to chill and read a book while munching on some snacks, maybe sometimes you would have the mood for a card game. Be prepared for these occasions too.

Tip: Let your close family know your itinerary and Phone numbers from the hotel. Don’t forget to call someone from your family and let them know where you are to time to time. This will make them feel good and it will be really helpful in case of an emergency.