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Catholic church wedding timeline

Church wedding is a dream of every catholic couple. It is very important for them to have gods blessing on their special day. Usually a church wedding (ceremony) is followed by a reception, but sometimes this might change according to the couples preferences.

Preparation for a catholic church wedding should start 6months prior to the wedding date. The couple must attend to the Pre-cana classes held by the church to get the certificate they issue, without the certificate the couple is not permitted to get married in the church. usually these classes goes for two weekends and it is essential to attend both the days to take the certificate.

The couple should prepare to the wedding by booking a church and a priest, Normally the church is brides residing area church, but if you are holding your reception somewhere else you can book a church out of your residing area too, but before that you have to meet the priest of your residing are church.

Every church ceremony has to have a rehearsal before the wedding, you have to book a date and time for this as well. There are no priests involved, the rehearsal can be done by someone know the process by experience. Don’t forget to rehearse every item of your timeline including, how to inform the bride when to enter etc.. It is better to assign one person to do the communication and handle the situation when necessary.

On the wedding day, the couple should have the hymn book ready and printed also the things for the offertory.

Timeline of the wedding goes as follows

-The Groom must arrive at the church first
-Grooms relatives must be seated on the right side of the church
-The bride and her relatives enter the church after everything is ready
– Bells will be played and a song (most probably the wedding march by Felix Mendelssohn)
-The bride is accompanied by her father
-The bride will be given away to the groom at the end of the isle
-Bride and groom will be seated
-Unity candles are being lit
-Singing Homily
-Blessing the ring and the neckless
-Marriage Vows
-Exchanging Rings
-Blow out the small candles and light the big candle
-final hymn

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