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Elegant kandyan wedding of Binali and Dileepa.

Binalie and Dileepa tied their knot in March 2019 in an elegant Kandyan wedding.  Let’s see how their beautiful day was planned.

We met as teenagers, I liked his nerdy but decent looks – Binalie

Our story is a teenage love story. We met 9 years ago when we were just a couple of 17-year-olds. We went for the same classes and he was this nerdy yet funny, decent boy in the class. With time we started liking each other a lot.

He worked so hard on giving me the impression that he likes me for several months and he finally asked. I was very scared the first time he asked me so I ran away. But from deep inside I did like him a lot. He had been so heartbroken after that and when he was lost thinking what he should do it was one of his friends who had advised him to ask again without hiding his feelings inside.

Then he waited for another few months and asked again. By that time I had already collected so many information about him through friends, so I knew who he was and I said Yes. But still, we both were very scared as we had no idea what is yet to come in future. We had to face so many challenges but he stood strong and made me strong too. No matter what problems came into our lives I knew that he’s gonna be there for me. Although it’s been so long he hasn’t changed even a bit. I still feel the same way I used to when I saw him for the first time. A beautiful, caring, kind soul he is. We both still thank our friends who helped us on getting together and for helping us throughout this journey. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride and we love remembering every bit of it.

Bridal Saree

I was wandering around when I saw it. I knew that it was mine!

We looked through so many pages to select what kind of saree would suit me. My bridal dresser asked me to bring her the saree 2 months before the wedding. I had a friend who had contacts with all the bridal saree shops. When she told me that the shops have received new stocks we rushed to them to buy the saree. Since my bridal dresser was at Matale we had to go to the shops on our own while being in touch with the dresser through “Viber”. We went to so many shops and finally, we stopped at Uptown Kandy. We selected two sarees and sent pictures to Bhagya (my bridal dresser + designer). But we didn’t feel perfect when I tried them on. While we were waiting for Bhagyas’ reply I was just walking around and saw this beautiful saree which gave me the perfect feeling. When I tried it on I knew that it was the one for me. It was a beautiful white saree worked with pearls and stones. The saree was simple but it came with a beautiful, heavily worked tail, the jacket piece had a heavy design so I didn’t have to worry about adding more design to the saree. It was Bhagya who did the rest of the work with the saree and she did a great job with it.

While looking for vendors one of my friends added me to this page “The Real Wedding Talk”. Throughout the wedding planning process that was what helped us the most. Whether it’s regarding the budget or the reviews or the options we could go for, The Real Wedding Talk was the first thing that came to our mind.

We planned our wedding for almost a year. After our parents set a date, the first step we took was booking a hotel. Then we prepared a document to plan our budget. Whenever we made a purchase we always updated the budget at that time itself. Initially, we had no idea about the charges for any of the points in our budget list. Then we contacted our friends, went to wedding shows and gathered so much knowledge. While looking for vendors one of my friends added me to this page “The Real Wedding Talk”. Throughout the wedding planning process that was what helped us the most. Whether it’s regarding the budget or the reviews or the options we could go for, The Real Wedding Talk was the first thing that came to our mind. I had the “Listium” app installed on my phone so that I can record all my todos. We can list everything we need to do each month till the wedding day and it was easy for me to keep track without missing a thing. Luckily we didn’t have any kind of disappointment about any of our vendors. Everyone was so flexible, so easy to work with and did their job perfectly. I sometimes troubled them from time to time but they responded to each and every one of my queries so nicely. Therefore we could manage everything so well. Wedding planning is more like the first step to marriage life. It was full of comprises and each and every day we learnt new things about each other. Although we dated for a long time the wedding planning period helped us to discover different qualities we didn’t know about each other. It made our bond much stronger.

Service Providers

Hotel – Suriya Resort Wedding

We always wanted to select a hotel with a calm and quiet surrounding and also food for our guests was our main concern. Some of our closest friends told us the food of Suriya Resort was excellent. We collected quotations of quite a lot of hotels and after shortlisting, the first hotel we visited was Suriya Resort. Once I entered the hotel I really loved its ambience. From the day we booked the hotel till the day we left after the wedding the service they provided was excellent. The hall was spacious, the food was super delicious and the arrangements they had done for the buffet were very eye-catching. We didn’t have to bother looking for photo locations either as they already had nice locations. 

MUA- Salon Bhagya Matale (Bhagya Ekanayake)

Salon Bhagya Matale I always wanted someone with a kind heart, who is flexible and with a lot of patience to dress me. I looked through so many MUAs and still, Bhagya was the one who had everything I wanted. She was so beautiful inside and out. Her husband is the one who dealt with us initially. He was very nice and explained the process. We had to go to Matale 3 times to meet Bhagya and I never regret it. Whenever I called they always responded. Even if they missed my call they always called back. She did everything just as I wanted and also my bridesmaids. I had to bring only my shoes with me to the hotel as she brought everything else. I loved how I looked on our wedding day. She was the perfect choice for me and I still think the same. 

Decos – Subasarasi (Subhashini Ranatunga)

Subasarasi Subhashini did an amazing job on our decorations. We selected the designs 2 weeks prior to the wedding and she always told us she would be more than happy to do designs she had never done before. When we entered the hall I couldn’t believe my eyes. Decors were exactly as we asked. She dealt with us not as a vendor but more like a friend. 

Photography and cinematography- Shine (Shine Wickramanayake)
Shine Shine was more like a friend to us. He was at the hotel even before the time he told us. He took so many natural shots of us and we didn’t feel tired till the end of the photoshoot. He had captured all the special moments of us throughout the wedding. We received our videos within 2 months and the album too is almost done. Shine and the team are very flexible and always gave us what we asked for exactly as we expected. Loved working with them.

Band -OHME

OHME Among our crowd majority was young. “OHME” did a great job entertaining them. Loved their music and they were so easy to work with. 

Groom’s and groom’s crew outfits – Wills Design

Wills Design From the selection of materials until the delivery of the suites they did an amazing job. Not only the suites they also helped us in selecting, shoes, belts, ties and everything else my husband and best-men needed.


Mr Ranjith Srilal When I saw Mr Srilal’s work for the first time I was just 9 years old and I was the flower girl. I still remember how touched the Bride and the bride’s mother was during the poruwa ceremony. When I was looking for Ashtaka persons I remembered Mr.Srilal and searched on real wedding talk. Then I enquired from a person who had hired him for Ashtaka and she told me how good he was. He was also a friend of my mother so I got him to do ours through my mother. He brought everything required for the poruwa and did an amazing job on our ceremony. So touching and so beautiful. What I loved the most was everyone, even the guests singing Jayamangala gatha to bless us. 

Homecoming MUA – Shali Perera Hair and Beauty Salon

Shali Perera Hair and Beauty Salon Choosing Shali Perera was one of the best decisions I made for my homecoming. She did an amazing job on my makeup and the bouquet she made for me was breathtaking. I had to choose an MUA from Negambo area but I didn’t know anyone from that side. I came across her page and I consider myself very lucky that I chose her. 

Bride’s outfit – Evander Lane (Hasanthi Dharmadasa Weliwatta)

I got to know Hasanthi of Evander Lane through a friend of mine. When I tried on the dress for the first time it fit me perfectly. There were no alterations to be made. She came with us to get the materials too. 

Homecoming photography – Eternal Elegance (Vindula Perera)

Eternal Elegance Vindula of Eternal Elegance had a good eye. He was there on time and clicked some beautiful shots of us. Everyone who checked out the photos gave so many good comments on them. We still can’t get over going through the pics over and over again.

Colours and theme

Pink, Yellow, White, Green

I always wanted to go for a simple but colourful theme, pink, yellow, white, green etc. As the theme we selected flowers and beads. As it was a day function we thought those colours would be ideal. My husband wore a full suite and as my colour was Ivory we chose blue for my husband’s attire. As the theme had a pink touch we chose pink for the bridesmaids and the flower girl and to suite them ash for the best-men and the pageboy. The invitation card, cake boxes too had a pink touch. The banquet hall too was colour washed in light pinkish peach colour. For flower decorations, we used more white flowers and a very less amount of pink flowers. 

Time was a hassle but we managed!

With everyones' help.

We both were so excited about planning this. Since my husband is working on a shift basis there were times he was at home during the weekdays. Therefore he did a lot of research during those free days and sent me a list of vendors. Then when I got home I went through the reviews about the lists of vendors he sent me. During the weekend if he was at home we both went to meet the vendors else I went with my mother. If none of us could attend to any of the tasks our parents, siblings or cousins attended to them on behalf of us. That way with the support of both our families we managed to plan our big day little by little. 


My favourite bit of the wedding.

 I loved every bit of our wedding. But mostly the part I sang for my husband. We planned a surprise for him. My cousins and his brother practised a beautiful dance to one of his favourite songs which I sang. He had no idea about it. Just after the first dance, I started singing the song and in the second verse, they all started to dance. It was a dreamy moment. I can relive that moment over and over again. My husband loved it. 

Home Coming

Binalie and Dileepa

We won’t be able to make this a success if not for our parents, our families and our friends. They were with us in every step we took. We are forever grateful to them. And also special thanks goes to all the vendors who took so much effort to make our day beautiful. Thank you so much The Real Wedding Talk for helping us to plan our beautiful day. You were a strength to us. Wish you all the very best and hope that you will be helpful to so many other brides and grooms out there just like you helped us. 

You get to have this day only once in a lifetime. So enjoy it to the fullest. It doesn’t matter if all goes wrong, it doesn’t matter what others say, it’s your day so make sure you are happy. 

Congratulations! Binalie and Dileepa. Best Wishes for a wonderful wedded life from all of us at The Real Wedding Talk

Yasasi is the founder of The Real Wedding Talk. She is keen on writing about how to effectively plan a wedding.