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How to choose wedding vendors

How to choose wedding vendors is an important knowledge to have since a wedding is a team effort.

A wedding is dreamt by the couple and realized by family, friends and most importantly wedding service providers or wedding vendors. Choosing them wisely is so important since the team you hire can realise your dream, also ruin it for life.  Even though choosing the right match is not easy if you ask yourself following questions before you book you can choose the best vendors for your wedding, It won’t be impossible.

Does their style match with yours?

“Style” is something very unique and personal to every wedding. Similarly, a wedding vendor might also have a specific style.  Just like this style varies from vendor type to vendor type it could differ from vendor to vendor too.
Having a clear picture of what type of wedding you need would solve this problem for you. As an example, if you are looking to have a wedding by the beach with a rustic theme wedding decor, Hiring a decor artist with similar taste will help you to get the best out of it.


Do they have recommendations

Best way to check this is via their Facebook page. If you see lot of positive recommendations from their former customers, they probably will realize your wedding dream. If they are bad obviously you wouldn’t go to them but what if there isn’t any reviews one thing you can do is ask from friends who recently had their weddings. Another thing you can do is post in a forum for wedding planning to ask other brides who had their weddings. One forum you can use like this is The Real Wedding Talk.