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How to do a wedding seating arrangement

The answer to the question ‘Is it necessary to always arrange seats for guests ?” is “Yes”. Simply because it is easier for guests to decide where to sit. Many guests get confused when they step foot to the wedding hall for the first time, having a table number to guide them would be a comfort for them.
Another reason why you should arrange seats for guests is that it gives you the liberty to place them according to your convenience.  Having a seating plan will not only make the wedding day easy for you but also will make guests more comfortable and happy. This is why seat plans are becoming one of the most important features of well-coordinated smooth going weddings.

You can choose to assign seats in two ways.
1. Assign the table only and let the guests choose the seat.
2. Assign the table and the chair and put a name card for each and every chair.

Assigning tables and letting guests chose their seats will work if you have many numbers of guests. It’s less work. Assigning seats will suit more for more intimate weddings with a fewer number of guests.

But arranging seats, even arranging tables isn’t an easy task. Make sure you start finalizing at least three months before, Sure there will be exceptions down the line but make sure you have taken care of the guests that are surely coming. You have to consider many factors before selecting a seat for your guest. To avoid awkward situations and to ensure that your guest is at their best comfort.

When you are arranging seats, it is sometimes not possible to include everyone in a family together however trying to include families together will not only save you lot of time but also will make the guests happier. When arranging seats separately is unavoidable you can consider following facts before you group them.

  1. How frequently the bride and groom would need them
  2. How closely related are they to the bride and groom
  3. Do they have food or drink preference?
  4. Do they have other preferences?

Tip :  Always make sure to include people that would like to have each others company together.

Take care of guests that have no connection to other guests in your function. Colleagues from an old workplace or an older friend might hesitate to come when they have no one to talk to while they are at your wedding. Letting them bring someone with them will solve the problem.

To group guests perfectly you must consider the whole table plan rather than looking at one table at a time. Having a drawing of the table plan in hand would be a great help. (sample structure is attached below in this article).

Seating Plan Arrangements

Grouping families together are the most time-saving method of arranging seats. Normally Families arrive together and leave together so it will be convenient too.

There are many ways of arranging tables in a wedding venue, 10 people is a round table is the most common in Sri Lanka. Most of the time some families will not have enough room to sit together. To handle such situations you can put adults and children separately, but don’t forget to place them in nearby tables. Even though this doesn’t work all the time especially with very young children. There are situations you can do, such as when kids are cousins or each other.

Another way to group guests are based on their mutual friends, as an example, you can put grooms friends and brides friends together by introducing some mutual friends that both parties know.

Try your best to keep other couples together in the same table without separating them.

You can also group your guests based on their roles in the wedding. As an example, if you have a head table that is where you and your bridal party would sit, make sure you mention them about their table as well. Brides and grooms families should stay as close as possible because they have several responsibilities at the wedding.

Same goes to your wedding vendor crews, including photographers, videographers, music Band etc.. They could be grouped together.

When you arrange seats for your guests you should have in mind what responsibilities they have in your wedding. As mentioned earlier families of Bride and Groom should not be far away to the main head table or the settee back as they might be needed from time to time.

Also, any friends and family members that help you to do certain segments in should get attention too.

Eating and drinking are what guests mostly look forward to a wedding. If you keep in mind about your guests eating and drinking habits you can provide them with a memorable and enjoyable at your wedding.

Grouping up those who love to drink will make them more comfortable and they would enjoy it in a more relaxed way.

Kids that come to your wedding need attention too. If you arrange seats having kids in mind you can include some kid-friendly items to eat and play while they are at your wedding.

Apart from the usual eating and drinking preferences, some people would have other special needs. As an example parents of young children have some set of preferences to keep their pressure under control..

Also if you have guests that have other physical challenges (disabilities, sickness or old age) do keep them in mind too.

Seating Arrangement charts

There are many ways to arrange seats in a wedding, round table with 10 guests each is the most popular way in Sri Lanka.

Print the following chart or make one of your own to visualize while you arrange seats for your guests.