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How to have your wedding during COVID-19 Pandemic

The year 2020 is here. Everybody was so eagerly waiting to start this new decade with many future plans. Couples who were planning their weddings in 2020 was also among these hopeful lot of people. However, it has come to a completely unexpected turning point. A lot of couples wonder whether to postpone their wedding due to the COVID-19 Pandemic or not. 

It is a massive heartbreak for most of the couples to know that they can’t have the wedding on the day they want, in the way they want. Couples spent a long time counting fingers to be each others’ beautiful bride and groom. They have dreamt of spending the day hugging and kissing and dancing with their lovely friends and family, making wonderful and vivid memories.

Couples have affected in several ways in this situation, some cannot finish their planning, for others travel bans from all over the world have affected for the arrival of their loved ones from all over the world. It is absolutely devastating to even think about all of these but worry not everyone. We will overcome this together. 

As much as we would like all weddings to be postponed, we know some couples have practical issues and inevitable reasons to hold their wedding. So we thought of gathering some information in order to make your process of having the wedding during this pandemic of COVID-19 bit easier.

Below are the answers to questions such as,

  • Government procedure to hold a wedding during the pandemic of COVID-19
  • Maximum number of guests
  • Health precautions
  • Relevant documents to refer

No buffets, No Group photos, No dance floor, No hugging, No kissing, 1m distance should be maintained always.

Maximum number of guests 100

– The common practice of health during the pandemic should be practised.
– Maximum number of guests is 100
– or 50% of the hall seating capacity.
* These guidelines could change with time so it is always better to consult your PHI about a week before your wedding for most accurate guides according to your venue and your time/month of the wedding.

According to the OPERATIONAL GUIDELINES ON PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE FOR COVID-19 OUTBREAK FOR WORK SETTINGS, by Directorate of Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Food Safety.
Weddings should follow the instructions given below.

While recommending to avoid planned events Whenever possible.

  • -They instruct to disinfect the venue before the event.
  • -Provide hand washing facilities at the entrance preferably with a foot or elbow operated tap and make sure that each customer washes hands before entering. 
  • -It is recommended to check the temperature of all guests entering the reception hall
  • -Visitors shall maintain a minimum distance of 1m at all times. 
  • -Ensure adequate ventilation in the hall
  • -Having the event in an open area instead of a closed hall is encouraged.
  • -COVID control messages and the expected etiquette of guests, while inside the reception hall must be displayed, at the entrance. 
  • -Hugging and handshaking must be discouraged and non-touch greetings must be adopted 
  • -All guests are encouraged to wear a face mask, in the correct method as described in the general guidelines. 
  • -Guest must refrain from sharing glasses, plates, spoons etc. In buffet-style servings or self-service, a designated staff member must be appointed to serve food, to avoid guests handling common utensils. 
  • -Taking group photos are discouraged.

4-6 Guests per table

No regulations on the number of guests but make sure your venue can hold your number of guests while maintaining 1m distance. Ideally, this would be half the size of your hall can normally hold or half of your guest list.
Even though we used to have 10 guests per table now it is recommended to have 4-6 guests per table. It is better to keep adults over 65 of age out of the wedding as they can be vulnerable.

Make sure you contact the Public Health Inspector (PHI) of the area in which you are planning to hold your wedding.

Guidelines changes from time to time. It is a must to have approval from the areas PHI. You should write an official letter to the PHI office requesting an inspection of the venue and your guest list. You must include your guest list and the addresses of all guests.
Then they will inspect your venue and advice you on how to hold the function.

Do you still have questions? Let us know in the comments. We will try our best to answer your question.

On behalf of the team The Real Wedding Talk, We would like to wish all the brides and grooms a smooth process and a beautiful wedding despite all the difficulties. Don’t forget to tag us in your quarantine wedding. We would love to know your experience.

Stay tuned, we have many more in store for you.
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Yasasi is the founder of The Real Wedding Talk. She is keen on writing about how to effectively plan a wedding.