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Modern wedding etiquette for Sri Lankan wedding guests

Weddings in Sri Lanka used to be more formal events than what it is today. There were many customs to follow for both bridal parties and by guests. Even though some still managed to stick around most of them have been disappeared. The reason behind this could be modern influences or simply the less practicality they have with them. Regardless of how less formal modern weddings are, there still are some etiquettes people should follow, when they are invited to a wedding.

Wedding Cakes / Wedding Favors

You are given your share of wedding cakes and wedding favours, try not to be greedy and grab another guests cake. Actually, this is a little less these days as many couples put the cake on the plate at the table itself.


Most of the modern weddings offer you western cutlery to have your food. It is essential to have some knowledge of which is which. If you are in doubt don’t be shy to ask a hotel staff or someone that surely know. Don’t try to guess because you might end up stealing others cutlery. Also if you are not comfortable eating with western cutlery don’t hesitate to ask for a finger ball and use your fingers to eat.

Giving Speeches 

Most of the time a best friend or a someone from the bridal party will get the honour of addressing the wedding. Remember you are addressing the couples whole family and friends. Try to be as decent as you can and try not to bring up some embarrassing memories or awkward situations.


Many weddings serve alcohol , but modern weddings do not encourage excessive use of alcohol so try not to get very drunken and disturb other guests.


Participate at events and give your support to the schedule. When it is time to take photos wait till it is your turn and support the couples to capture each and everyone of you. Don’t ignore situations like that because sometimes the couple will have to take the stress.


Do not try to surprise the couple without consulting a member from the wedding organizing committee or a close family members. Giving the couple a hard time with various silly acts are out dated now too.. so those are a big NO NO as well.


The couple has invited you because they think that you are an important person to them, plus weddings are lovely. So don’t forget to enjoy, have a good time and wish the couple a bright future…

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