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6 Things you should do after the wedding

Weddings are fun, pretty and enjoyable, but they can be exhausting  for the couple. They spend quite a busy day with all the formalities while being the center of the attention. Even though a well planned wedding can decrease your exhaustion it is very hard to avoid. Almost all the couples will feel very tiered after their wedding. So it is better be ready for that.

Weddings can become tiering due to many reasons, busy schedule, heavy uneasy clothing and jewellery, and stress. We naturally tend to think its’ effect on the bride but we cannot forget the groom is equally tiered too.

How to handle the post-wedding exhaustion

In Sri Lanka usually the many hotels give complementary rooms for bride and groom to get ready for the wedding, and they do not expect to return the keys until after the wedding. So you can use it to get rid of your wedding attire. The benefit of doing this is, it will keep your honeymoon suite clean when you are really ready to relax.


Use your honeymoon suit.

Most of the wedding venues offer you the complementary night stay at the hotel, It is highly recommended to use this room as your first night stay. It will prevent you getting even more tired by cutting off traveling. It is low cost and also it gives your friends and family the opportunity to help you get rid of bridal attire.


Have right tools with you

By having few tools in hand ready can make this process very easy, but make sure you have someone to assist you. Don’t expect the groom to do it because as we said he is as equally tired as the bride. Bridal attire is really hard to remove as there will be pins ,specially if it is a traditional attire. Zippers, buttons and sometimes knots to undo. Some beauticians tend to sew jewellery and clothing in order to achieve the best tidy looks through out the day.

Kandyan bridal attire is associated with many jewelleries, most of the time you have to return these items. Have patience while removing these delicate items. Always double check for safety pins before you pull any fabric of the saree to avoid tearing.

Item List

A Wide tooth comb

A Large bottle of hair conditioner

A Facial sponge / or cotton balls

A bottle of facial cleansing cream

A Hair Dryer

Enough paper facial tissues

A box to keep hair and clothing pins after removing

A Box to keep bridal jewellery Kandyan Jewellery after removing

A Box to bridal gold jewellery after removing

Nail polish remover

Pain killers to ease out headaches and other pains

Plasters in case of emergencies

STEP 1 : remove all the jewellery and put them right in the box you brought, take assistance and let someone else remove jewellery from the head piece as the bride is unable to see them properly, this prevents jewellery from falling and loosing stones or disfiguration.

STEP 2:  start removing bridal attire and keep it safe, If you are giving it to dry cleaning refer this post about reputed dry cleaners around Colombo. Always check for the pins before you pull the fabric to prevent fabric from tearing. Remember to keep all the pins in the box you brought too.

After removing the attire put on some easy to wear clothing, because next step is hair.

STEP 3: When you undo bridal hair, look for hair extensions and pins thoroughly. There would be so many of them.
Bridal hair styles might require a lot of back-combing to get the desired look. This tangles the hair and it is very difficult to undo.

To untangle the hair apply a lot of hair conditioner all over the hair thoroughly without missing any hair strand and leave it like that for about 30mins before washing it off. Tangles will come off easily.

Now you know how to get rid of your hair style. Next up , Makeup


Make up can be removed with many different things, since bridal makeup could be bit on the heavy side use heavy duty makeup remover rather than just trying to wash it off with water or soap. Deep cleansing milk is a good option since it is easy to find and does the job.

STEP 4 : Take off eye makeup and lipstick as they are usually more stubborn than rest of the makeup.Make sure to remove fake eye lashes with some warm water and  use a facial tissue with some cleanser on it to rub off eye liner , eye shadow and lipstick.

Take away eye make up and lipstick take out the facial sponge and put some cleanser on it to rub off the rest of the make up away from your face.

STEP 5:  Now the removing bridal makeup and attire of the bride is finished. Time for a nice relaxing bath. Also don’t forget to dry your hair properly to avoid headaches.

STEP 6: Remember to send off your rentals, wedding saree, shoes and all the wedding related items with someone who can keep them safety, until you are free to attend to them again. Traveling with your wedding neckless or a second day saree is a big no-no. Arrange someone to bring them to you when you have finished your trip.

Now you can leave your dressing room and go to your honeymoon suite relaxed and stress free about anything. Have a drink of your choice and get ready to enjoy the rest of your day.