Plan a wedding like a pro! Ft. Shero Meezan

Plan a wedding like a pro! Ft. Shero Meezan

Have you ever wondered about the secret of a perfectly executed wedding? Is there a special magic behind it? Good news!! there is someone who can help us. Shero Meezan of Weddings by Shero is a well known and experienced professional who has done many marvellous and memorable weddings. According to her, there are some pro hacks to perfect wedding planning. Let's see what those are.


Keep calm! it is your wedding.

Always Stay Calm. There will be points throughout the process where you will be overwhelmed with so many options and vendors, but remember that it will be okay and you will have the most amazing wedding with the one you love. Especially if you have Shero as your wedding planner haha. Be relaxed and keep everything in perspective. At the end of the day, regardless of how perfect (or not) the wedding day goes, you are married to the person you love and will spend the rest of your life with, that’s most important!


Be yourself! It never goes out of style.

Lets just leave the whole “trend” thing behind? I really love when couples use their own life and their own relationship as the inspiration for their wedding. It becomes so authentic and It’s so nice to hear “This is so them!” from guests. Your wedding is an outward expression of your love, so make it something real.


Go for the real deal.

Normally I would advice to hire a planner, but since our market is flooded with so many mushroom wedding planners, I say hire a real wedding planner – not a hobbyist. It is important in both your event and your planning experience and hopefully to the future of your marriage. A good planner will not only keep you on budget but also assist you in creating the memories that will last your lifetime.


Think twice before you think price.

Make sure you hire vendors which you feel you connected with and fit your vision. You need to be confident. Vendors you hire will do an amazing job at your wedding. Couples tend to focus more on price before the service being provided. A vendor’s fee represents the level of talent and expertise being provided. If you are hiring a vendor based on price you are compromising the success of your celebration. You have to think how important of a role does this person play in the success of your wedding and how valuable that is to you. Then consider where you can afford to cutback so you can afford to hire them. It shouldn’t be the other way around. Most couples cut corners way too many times and end up hiring the cheapest vendors so they can spend more money on decorations or some other tangible item. We understand everyone has a budget to consider. If you start your planning properly with creating a realistic budget you should have no problem hiring reputable vendors that fit within your budget. Don’t make the mistake of not creating a budget first and having to hire less than quality vendors because you over spent in other areas. A planner can definitely help you establish a budget that works for you.


Remember! This is your day.

Accept you can’t please everyone. You cannot make everyone happy, and trying to accommodate others will just make the whole process more stressful. This is your day; make it about you.


Be smart, Be open

Think outside of the “wedding” box. Don’t restrict yourself to a venue just because it is wedding venue. Your home lawn can be a great venue



focus on what’s important to you in the planning process! What part of wedding day takes over your thoughts? Is it a band keeping the dance floor busy, is it the variety of eclectic food variety, is it the dazzling centerpieces? Once you figure this out then you know where to put your money


Document everything!

Creating a proper monthly timeline also helps relieve stress. After you create your theme, break down monthly what you need to do to accomplish everything. This helps you keep track so as not to miss anything, crossing them off gives you a feeling of progress, and a timeline on your wedding day helps everyone including your vendors know when and what will be done during the event.


Avoid micromanaging.

trust the professionals, let them do their magic, do not micromanage! It is completely ok and important to have your opinions on how things should happen, but trying to do everyones job is a big No-No. If you do, There is a high chance of you not getting what you want at the end.


Use correct tools.

creating a vision board helps you define exactly what you want. Take swatches of color and try different mixes. Cut pictures from magazines or from various online wedding sites of décor and tablescapes you like. Then working with your wedding planner, narrow it down to what really captures your eye and is cohesive.

Bonus Tips

Hire a wedding planner! If hiring a wedding planner isn’t in the budget, a day of coordinator is your next best thing

Most importantly enjoy your wedding planning journey. Don’t let wedding planning take over your life. Have “Wedding Free” days where you don’t discuss the wedding. Go on date nights and get out to enjoy each other.

Special Thanks

Shero Meezan of Weddings by Shero
Shero is famous for her unique wedding concepts and smooth executions. She also is a cheerful lady with an uplifting attitude, with a vision to realize wedding dreams.Address : 66, B/3, Sri Mahavihara Road Kalubowila West, Sri LankaInstagram : @weddingsbyshero, Telephone : 077 755 7627

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