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The Basics Of Planning a Wedding in Sri Lanka while living Abroad.

Planning a wedding in Sri Lanka even when you live abroad is not a dream anymore. These expert insights will surely help to plan it with ease.

We are blessed with an extremely beautiful country covering all aspects from beaches to mountains that are perfect for Weddings for which many foreigners pay a kidney’s worth I assume to have their Wedding on this little Island. The challenging part however is coordinating with the numerous vendors and selecting someone you can trust. Here are a few details of how I put together a team of wonderful people.

Join “The Real Wedding Talk”.

The first sensible thing to do would be to Join The Real Wedding Talk on facebook, this solved most of my problems as this group consists of over 15,000 helpful people that have come together to make wedding dreams come true. Sure you can also have a professional coordinator look into all the things for you, but if you are like me and like to do things yourself then this would be a good start.

Have a mind map for your favorite things

List down a few places that you would like to typically have your wedding, any special attributes you are looking for? For instance, for my Christmas themed wedding, I was looking for a place based on Wood to go with the theme, although a little struggle with limited options you could give it a shot.

Send emails to hotels for packages and photos of previous Weddings and the hall and buffet area and make sure to get a list of the complimentary features they provide such as free room for the couple, Discount on rooms for guests, a coordinator, chair covers, area for ceremony, photos, etc. Once you have received feedback from all Hotels, you could compare these lists to see which provides the best offer considering other factors as well such as distance and transportation. If you are having limited guests (which I doubt happens in Sri Lanka) well Good for you!

Get everything in writing

Moving on to selecting major vendors after having picked out a date & venue: you want to make sure that all your vendors are available on the same date as you have booked the venue, so it is better to try and book them all on the same day by paying in advance and never forget to receive a confirmation in writing, a simple email will do. A Few of the major vendors to select are Decorators, Make up Artists, Photographers, Bands, the Host/Priest and the Church, etc., a Coordinator if you have someone specific in mind.

When choosing the above mentioned vendors that are most critical for the day, always prioritize what you are interested in and that falls in your budget. Someone else’s opinion of “Great” & “Affordable” may not be in your best interests but is always considerable. If you find someone you really like but is not within your budget, find out their style and try to find someone who can match up to it for a reasonable price, that way you have it all.

Always keep in touch

Moreover, speak to the vendors via Skype or Whatsapp, see how flexible they are and interested in working with you. Sometimes the work of high profiled vendors look great on covers but they also tend not to care much about your opinion although you are a paying Client and it is your big day. Try to avoid people like this so that you will not have a stressful period through the planning process. That’s the last thing you want. Having said that, if someone is offering something for way below the rest of the other vendors and promising much more, there could be something dodgy there as well so it is better to look into reviews and previous work and go with instincts. There are some great Novices out there with a lot of potential and great rates, sometimes you really have to dig deep to discover them.

Making friends with your vendors is great, but also make sure you get what you want and not bend to what they might say is good for you even though you might not like it. This will make you feel uncomfortable and have second thoughts. Also remember to always follow up and keep in touch especially after payments with vendors such as decorators and dress makers to keep yourself updated with their progress.

Don’t hesitate to ask help when needed.

Also, having a day coordinator would be much helpful so that you can dedicate the work to someone who is paid and obligated to complete the tasks in a professional manner rather than having a relative who is looking forward to having a couple of drinks on the day (Trust me on this one). Once you have all the above together, the rest will fall into place. You want to have a perfect day without being stressed throughout the process and it is possible!

Guest Writer

Christine Padidilion

Christine is a super bride, entrepreneur, Fashionista, advocate of curves and curls and a beautiful soul. She is also the founder of - @curvybridessrilanka , a brand that shows the world the beauty of Sri Lankan curvy brides. Christine is a super bride, not only because her wedding was iconic but also her wedding planning process was so smooth too. She did all of that while being abroad. Now she is writing to spread the knowledge she gathered during the wedding planning process, So others could also have an iconic wedding like hers.