Photo Location ideas – Colombo

Photo Location ideas – Colombo

Colombo is not only one of busiest cities in Sri Lanka but also the prettiest. Thanks to its colonial heritage Colombo has many great architectural sites that is more than capable of pleasing an artistic eye. Along with these architectural and natural sites Colombo makes a wonderful host for wedding photoshoots and pre-wedding shoots.  Series of articles “Beautiful photo locations in Colombo” features some of the most famous locations that can turn your perfect photo shoot dream a reality.

Some of these places need permissions beforehand, therefore it is always advised to call and book the place before you go

Diyatha Uyana (Baththaramulla)

Located in Battaramulla town,Polduwa Junction this is a convenient place to get your pictures clicked in Colombo.It has been constructed on a marshy land on the banks of the Diyawanna Oya. It sits between the Parliament Complex and the Diyawanna Oya at the Polduwa junction Diyatha uyana is very popular among couples and photographers because of the nice green environment. It also has restaurants, play areas, observation deck on the Diyawanna Bank.

Vihara Mahadevi  Park

Vihara maha devi park is one of the most beautiful places in Colombo. Greedy, calm environment will instantly slip you into a romanic mood. However even though this is a public place you will need permission to have a photoshoot here.

Green Path

Even though this is a very public very busy road, it sure is romantically photogenic to an artistic eye. Green and shady environment and the artwork sellers and their art work beside the road creates a very unique surrounding.

Independence Square

When we come little into the city we find this architectural gem. Independence square, not only for pre wedding shoots this is equally good for wedding shoots as well. Its’ strong features and greeny surrounding pops up all the colors the photograph is having. It is well maintained and you will need permission to have a wedding shoot here.

Arcade Independence Square

Arcade Independence Square is another gift we got from our colonial heritage. This newly renovated building has so many nice spots for your perfect shot. It is possible to shoot both inside the building and outside. You need permission to have a photoshoot here as well.

Race Course

Race Course is another majestic colonial architectural master piece. The green grass there and well designed gardens provide a nice location for a romantic photoshoot. Permission needed.

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