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10+ Remarkable tips to sing at your wedding with Cplus Band

Planning to sing at your own wedding? Here are some remarkable tips to make your beautiful dream a reality.

The bridal couple is the centre of attention at any wedding. They are the happiest, they are the most glamorous and this day is all about the bride and groom. At the time when the bride and groom dance together or sing together for the first time as Mr and Mrs, all the guest attention lays on them. Every couple wishes this moment to be magical and most perfect out of everything. This article talks about how you can perfect your moment if you choose to sing at your wedding.

We talked to one of the leading wedding bands in Sri Lanka – “CPlus Band” to get you insights on how should you get ready to sing at your own wedding. Chandumal Fernando, the leader of CPlus Band helped us to write these important facts you should know, to perfect the moment.

Choose a suitable song.

Pitch Range

The song you are choosing should be in your pitch range. You can ask the bands help to figure out this if you are not that familiar with pitch ranges.

Make it Nostalgic

The goal of this singing performance to have a somewhat intimate moment between the couple while sharing the romantic vibe. Choose a song that would later give you nice memories rather than going after trending or “Wedding” songs. Sometimes the lyrics might not be ideal for a wedding love song but if it means something to you as a couple, there is no need to hesitate.  Just keep in mind that you are singing for your wedding so choose a related song. It will be marvellous to choose something related to your wedding theme but no need to stress on this.

Whichever song you choose, it should make you feel romantic, loved and most importantly comfortable to sing.

If you choose Cplus Band as your wedding band you will get assistance from them for this entire process.

Preparing to sing

If the song you chose need pitch adjustments, make sure to talk with the band and arrange a practice session. Make a cover out of the original song to match your singing abilities. If you are not a professional singer this will help you immensely.

Even when you are capable of singing to the original pitch, do not skip the rehearsals. This gives the band to understand your patterns and prep themselves or familiarize themselves to you. If you have other parties included in your singing such as your bridal party, make sure to take them to the rehearsals too.

If you are an amateur, make sure to practice with the mic. Sometimes you might not be familiar with microphone handling. Having proper knowledge of how to use your mic will give more finished detail to your performances.

Sing at your own wedding with CPlus Band

On the wedding day

Make sure someone announces you for your performance. Wait until your guests are settled and the focus is on you before you start.

Be ready with your lyrics on your hand, printed or on a screen in case you forget them. Make sure someone is responsible to keep it for you and give it to you at the right time.

Talk to the band and get their maximum help on this. They can play a little intro for you until you get ready to start singing.


  1. If only the bride is singing make sure the groom is seated and comfortable to give his undivided attention and vice versa
  2. If the couple is singing as their key performance invest in a fog machine and choreograph little movement just to spice up the performance
  3. If the couple is singing keep the moment romantic and maybe practice how to look natural so the photographs will look nicer.
  4. Pre-decide where to stand, how to hold hands and when to move so you can focus on your singing than deciding how to perform on the wedding day. Include these on your rehearsals. 
  5. Relax! Everyone knows that you are not a professional signer just enjoy the moment.


  1. Do not stress over it. It is completely okay not to have a singing or dancing act at your wedding. Basically, do not get obsessed over it. If you do, sometimes it would take over your mood for the whole function.
  2. Do not force your new spouse if she or he is not comfortable singing in front of people.
  3. Once the act is done, let it go. Do not spend time thinking about how you did it. Enjoy the rest of your day/night.
  4. One song is perfect. Do not sing more than two songs.
  5. Do not sing while being drunken (Obviously), So schedule your song early in the function rather than later so everyone will be their perfect sense to appreciate it.

How to glam-up the performances

  1. Invest in a fog machine or a confetti machine to create a nice atmosphere
  2. Rehearse your steps or way to hold yourself before the performance
  3. Practice with a mic to learn how to handle the microphone
  4. Add a subtle dance or ask someone to dance while you are singing. You can hire a professional dance team too, but it will snatch a little bit of attention from you.

About our sponsor

Cplus Band was a wonderful help for us to write this piece of article that is full of insight. We would like to thank them for their generous help.
CPlus is without a doubt one of the best wedding specialized bands in Sri Lanka. As bandleader Chandumal Fernando described how they are unique in the field

Band Members

“We make couples’ requirement our first priority, even though we advice them how to choose the best songs and guide them if they are singing at their wedding.. we never over power them to play what we want. It is their best day, so our intention is to provide them what they like at the best quality.”

We can see they have not disappointed their couples as many couples come to our wedding planning group “The Real Wedding Talk daily to recommend their services to those who are looking for a band.

As Chandumal say, They always look at the couples’ point of view when they are getting ready to perform at a wedding. They understand that every wedding is unique and different from one another even though there are some similarities.. those unique differences is what defines it, So their approach will be always customized according to the couple.

Cplus primarily play Sinhala and English pop music. Moreover, they enjoy playing Jazz, Rock, Sinhala Classical and of course Sinhala Baila. When it comes to song selecting they will give you a generic list of songs suitable for your wedding. They will give you the complete freedom to chose whichever song you want for your big day.

If the wedding is more towards traditional vibe they will play the violin, flute, “thabla”, classical guitar and percussion. If the wedding is more modern they will play contemporary music without the “thabla”. However, when the day moves towards the dancing gala, they will make sure everyone hit the dance floor and have fun to their hearts’ content, without limits.

They have various packages you can choose from according to your wedding setup (outdoor/indoor), wedding venue being near to Colombo or out-station.

Cplus gives you the ultimate wedding bliss on your wedding day with their musical magic to make sure neither you or your guests will ever forget the day.

How to contact CPlus Band

 C Plus Band (Pvt) Ltd, P-40, Nivasipura, Kotugoda, 11390, Sri Lanka 

 +94 77 386 3332

 +94 72 786 3332

 +94 77 219 0997

Yasasi is the founder of The Real Wedding Talk. She is keen on writing about how to effectively plan a wedding.