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Tips to be the best guest at weddings

Did you think planning a wedding is difficult, well it is! but how about being a guest? Since the culture of the weddings has massively changed during the past few decades we as guests almost have no guide to follow when it comes to wedding etiquettes. Here are some tips to follow if you are attending your friends or relatives wedding.


Gifts are a way of expressing your happiness towards the couple about their new beginning. The usefulness of the gift to their new life is something that always should be considered.  Check the invitation before you pack something in a box though, because most of the couples now immigrate or fly abroad almost immediately after the wedding. Therefore they mention”No Boxed Gifts” or similar phrases to let you know that.

Seating plan 

It is always better to follow the seating plan initially in the ceremony for number of reasons, since the space is limited and the seating plan presents the optimal way all the guests can have a seat. Also it is easier to use cutlery, welcome drinks, cakes and wedding favors when everyone is seated in their own places.

Limit your photos

Taking photos are nice, however some couples find it useful and some couples find it disturbing. Taking photos off the limits is not nice in any environment. As long as the couples is not asking you NOT to take pictures you can take all your selfies and other memorable photos, but make sure you are not disturbing or blocking the view of the official photographer that the couple paid for. Same goes with the videographer too.

No requests

Music is a big part of any wedding, whether it is a DJ playing music or a band they are there to entertain the wedding crowd as per the couples request. You cannot interrupt them. Requesting songs is a big NO! It is not a request show. You might cause a delay in the whole schedule or worse by requesting a song that will clash with the whole theme of the wedding.


Requesting photos from the official photographer is also same as requesting songs., better not to interrupt them.



Kids are cute but no one enjoys a crying baby. If your baby tend to cry during the ceremony it is polite to take them out of the premises, where the ceremony isn’t disturbed by the babies crying.
Not letting your children play all over the reception hall is also a good quality.

Enjoy and participate

When there are speeches and other items like dances etc.. pay attention to them, it will not only make them a classy guest that will show how much you care about the day.

Cooperate with the flow

Give your support to maintain a smooth flow of the wedding, be in alert for important events. When it is time for group photos make sure you get your picture clicked and do not wait until the couple or someone else to come to you and ask for it. 

If you must leave early, do so without showing it to other guests, because some guests might take that as a clue and leave early without knowing they are leaving early. 

No Surprises

Do not try to surprise the couple, unlike old days there could be stories you don’t know about the function. Trying to surprise the couple with items that is not in the schedule might cause trouble. If you must do something to surprise the couple at least consult someone that knows the schedule well.

Avoid bad mouthing

Every couple has different capabilities, different hopes and dreams and different ways of planning their weddings. You were invited there because they think you are important to them. So it is better not to talk bad about anything regarding the wedding during or after it.