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Wedding Story of Sanduni and Shehan – Fairy tales happen for real

Have you seen perfect love stories that grows into a fairy tale? Well, The Real Wedding Story of Sanduni and Shehan is such a story.

They marked a major milestone with their beautiful wedding in April 2018 and currently living their beautiful love story as Mr and Mrs.

Let’s start this wedding story from the very beginning.. How did you two meet?

It was surprisingly unplanned. So we met through Facebook. Shehan sent me a request on 2010, and he was the very first and last unknown person I have added on FB, Only the god knows the reason.

I had no clue that he would be my unseen best friend within a very short time. I was simply attracted to him for his fun and open minded character. In April, 2011 he asked me for my hand and yeah with a 7 year long relationship we finally decided to get married on April, 2018

Your dress is breath taking, tell us about it? Who designed it?

It has been a dream of mine since the childhood. I always wanted that dream wedding dress that will make me look like in a princess in fairy tales. I had so many beautiful images from pinterest as inspirations. I ended up mixing three of them together and came up with a particular design. My dress was then designed properly and stitched by Charith Wijesekara, after I discussed with him about the idea which was in my mind.

How did you approach to plan your beautiful wedding?

This is absolutely a very exciting question to answer. Shehan was waiting until my graduation to finish, for us to get married. I on the other hand needed a bit more time to prepare. He had wanted to take the burden off my chest and plan most of it to surprise me. I had no clue he was trying to arrange a surprise wedding for me with the help of Hemanth from the Banquet Company. Although, with time his plan to keep it a secret failed, due to the legal requirments for my signature and approval for the document preparations. The church required my signature and my approval too. So finally his surprise wedding ended up with a surprise proposal where he proposed with my dream ring and I said Yes.

It was already August 2017 when I got to know that I am supposed to get married in April 2018. I was hit with a mixture of emotions. I was definitely happy about that surprise wedding idea which was a splendidly unique situation. I couldn’t be happy enough to have a romantic boyfriend like him. At the same time I was so scared thinking all the things I was required to do in this very short period. I had to get prepared soon. luckily, I was a wedding coordinator at Magical Moments Event Planners at that time. So it was easier for me to start planning since I had the proper idea where to start and what to do. We started our journey of this fairy tale wedding with booking our hotel in September 2017.

Who are your service providers

Event planner– The Banquet Company
Church– Holy Cross Church Kalutara
Hotel- Earl’s Reef – Beruwala
Location shoot– Paradise Road The Villa Bentota
Florist– Petals
Photographer– Amarante Lifestyle Studio
Cinematographer– Chroma Pictures Wedding Films
MUA– Brides by Dil Sapukotanage
Band– Magic Box Mixup
DJ and Mater of Ceremony– World Music Entertainers, DJ Niranjan
Portrait Artist– Dr. Shanaka Kulathunga
Photobooth– Photobooth Guys
Bridal Dress Designer– Charith Wijesekera
Groom’s Dress Designer– Namal Balachandra
Bridal Fabric Supplier– Fabric Gallery

Bridal Jewellery– Gitano Collection
Bridal Shoe Supplier– Shimmer
Groom, Best men and Bridesmaid Shoe Supplier– Saffans
Bridal Robes – Robes in Roses
First Dance Choreographer – Ramod Malaka
Cake– The Cake Bar
Rich Cake– Bakes By Ivon
Invitation and Cake Box Designer– Shehan Stw (The Groom)
Furniture and Vintage lights– Mangala sootra
Choir– Merishan Fernando
Ashtaka– Pubudu Cultural Troupe
Luxury Car– Gihan De Silva
Vintage Car– Mal Sri Lanka Antique Wedding Cars
Homecoming Dress Designer– Krishani Rathnaraja – Designer Wear
Homecoming MUA– Brides By Shyama
Honeymoon destination– Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Maldives, Adaaran Club Rannalhi Maldives, Singapore,
The Plains Green Nuwara Eliya

It is a very charming wedding. How did you build up the concept for your wedding story?

We both needed to have an outdoor wedding from the very early days. We needed a garden and beach together to have a charming ambience. It was really difficult for us to find our dream location. Jetwing lagoon was our very first plan, but unfortunately it was already booked on our day. After searching for hotels for a considerable time, we were lucky enough to get Earl’s reef. They matched even beyond our intial expectation with their huge garden and the friendly staff. Ours was the very first wedding they hosted at The Earl’s Reef.

To the retinue we wanted them to have a very comfortable attaire which suits an outdoor wedding. We avoided blazers and waist coats and instead had suspenders/ braces to the best-men, Charith selected a Grey colored fabric with a stone designed lace for bridesmaids. I was impressed with that combination. We wanted a bit of a vintage theme mixed together, with a fully green and white décor concept. The event was lightened up according to Shehan’s plans where he selected a transparent marquee and vintage lighting and fairy lighting concept.
We had Church and Poruwa ceremony and then had our reception in the evening. The colors of the sky was blended together with a luminous orange, pink and yellow with the sunset and the view was so perfect during the Poruwa time.

His attire was done all black and a small line of blackish grey to give the blazer a highlight. My dress was done in sugar white.

From the wedding invitation to wedding cake and to every bit of décor I had a detailed plan separately for the florist and for the event planner. I prepared my mood board including images of Marquee Lighting, Drop lights and vintage lights hanging on trees, Fairy lights wrapped around branches and coconut trees, Head Table handing decoration with Greenery and lights and also head table décor, table décor, lounge furniture decor and cocktail table décor with greenery, white roses, baby’s breath, white chrysanthemum and hydrangeas. I also included images of Church décor including Entrance, Isle, Benches, Couple chair, Front Décor, Poruwa structure and Bouquets for inspiration. Also when talking about furniture we ordered wooden exposed chairs and tables, beach benches to match the vintage concept.

any other fine details?

I think when it come to fine details, I’m always a well organized person. I kept a track of everything in written, well documented. I had few types of documentation for the wedding planning. As listed below I had my

mood board,

expenses sheet,


tracking of all vendor meeting details,

guest list,

hotel details,

and bank payments and finally

the itinerary.


I think this organized structure lead to proper planning, not to miss anything and to have a very clear idea about the current status of the planning. I should say that the mood board. expenses sheet and the checklist are the most important of all.
And also I should mention that I had an interest in the stationery and the other items which goes up with the décor. We had marquee letters and so many other signage including cute phrases such as “Choose a seat not a side, we are all family once the knot is tied”, and the other signage to direct the guests.
Since ours was an outdoor wedding we needed the guests to be entertained throughout the wedding. We had an open bar with some action stations, a photobooth, a portrait artist, giant jenga station, giant snake and ladder and an advice box for the couple to keep the guests engaged in some activity. We had lounge furniture for the guests to freely be seated than being seated in the dinner tables as well most of them had a lot of fun at the spacious dance floor. Apart from that the sparklers and fireworks added an extra beauty to the event.

You had both church and poruwa, how did you manage time?

We had the church ceremony at Kalutara and the Poruwa ceremony at Beruwala which means in two cities. The timing and the agenda was all set by the Event Planner and the agenda was well communicated to all the suppliers. We had a gap of 1 hour and 15 minutes in between the church ceremony and the Poruwa ceremony, so that we have extra time to prepare.

Indeed your wedding was perfect, but if you are given a chance to change one thing of it.. what would you change?

Hmmm… a good question though. I got a bit late to wake up in the morning so I was around 30 – 45 mins late to be there at the hotel to start my dressing. But I enjoyed every bit of the dressing and the photo shoot in between the dressing time, including the robe shoot. I completely had no track of time by that time, since I was completely enjoying it, so I was late for the main photo shoot. We had a very little time for the main photo shoot. So… I think it would be great if I could have arranged atleast a 1 hour time in between finishing up of my dressing and starting the main photo shoot, so that I atleast would have some time to relax up a bit.

What is your most favorite part of your wedding ?

I have two most favourites.
My entrance to the church. It was my very first church ceremony which I participated, since I was a Buddhist. I loved the ringing of the wedding bells and the hymns which was played, once I entered the church. I still remember the tear filled eyes of my groom with happiness and the faces of my happy guests glancing at me.
My second favourite is the first dance. We had our own Shrek and Fiona themed Dance floor, since we were calling each other Shrek and Fiona from the very start of our relationship. Also the song we used, “I don’t wanna miss a thing” was a song which we had so much memories in it. I felt like I was completely lost in our own world when I had the first dance with him. Even the dancing practices was a lot of fun and memorable.

If you are giving an advice to new couples, what would it be?

Sometimes, you both will be stressed out from the beginning of the planning process. It is a very normal thing. Just try to be relaxed and stay cool all the time. Communication is the most important thing. First communicate with each other. Then come to an agreement between you two and then properly communicate with your vendors and the other parties who are related to your wedding.
Be very careful in selecting your vendors and make sure you get trustworthy and reliable ones. This assures you less stress when you are in safe hands. Also most importantly be within your budget. Always update your expenses sheet and see whether you are within your budget. You have to have your financial control no matter what. Also when you are selecting your retinue, choose the most comfortable people to be around you. People will ask to choose this person and that person, but make sure you select the best people who really love you, care for you and be the most supportive for you. Sometimes there are decisions to take where you can’t make all the people happy. Make sure you and your partner are happy with that decision and go for it.

Any special person or a team to thank that helped you to realize your dream wedding?

Apart from all that mentioned above reliable and supportive vendors, I would like to thank some of our friends who were with us during our dream-come-true wedding. First of all our retinue including Sachini, Rashmika, Chanuki, thilan, Laki and Chirath, the most supportive, caring and the most fun team one could ever wish for. Also our parents and siblings, for their massive support in being with us for our entire life, providing their guidance and caring.
I would like to thank Shehan’s sister, Sachini for editing our amazing wedding trailer. A special thanks to chroma pictures team for capturing all our special moments from the beginning of our relationship. I should also mention a few people who helped us in sooo many ways, Aneeshaa, Anuruddhika, Nadeeshani, Heshani, Anupama, Yasara, Vishwa, Bhagya, Gimhani in making our big day a life long memory.
I should mention that almost all the above mentioned vendors are good friends of us, helped us in providing very big offers which I can’t even imagine. Thank you so much for your generosity and sponsoring us with your full potential. Without them it would have costed us a lot more, they helped us to be completely within our budget and we were so comfortable in their safe hands and their friendly service. We are really very thankful to them. Also I would like to appreciate in providing us a perfect hospitality, to Mr. Tharaka Appuhamy and Mr.Roshantha, during our stays at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Maldives and AdaaranRannalhi.

Finally, our outdoor wedding and was held in a time with a hugely unpredictable weather condition. God was so great that surprisingly we had a perfect weather on our Big Day after a heavy rainfall on the previous day. Therefore we should thank lord, for giving us such a miraculous weather condition as we never expected. For giving us a clear sky on a very rainy season.

Well, Isn’t that one of a kind wedding story? We think it is. So unique. Most certainly very angelic. We at The Real Wedding Talk would like to take this opportunity to wish this lovely couple a wonderful and blessed wedded life. Best Wishes!

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